Ali Knight - Haywards Heath

I have always been a serial exerciser, i've tried the gym, Spin, Jogging, Bikram Yoga and many more things but always got bored and disinterested within a few weeks.

At the end of 2012 my husband and I decided it was time to do something as we were by now heavier than we'd ever been and feeling pretty miserable.

What I liked about Mike straight away is his consultative approach, he was keen to find out what motivates me, what my goals were and my current eating habits, from this he made me a nutrition plan which has changed my eating habits and aided my weight loss.


I started my 1:1 training sessions with Mike towards the end of January and although he pushes me harder than i've ever been pushed his sessions have become a way of life.

He comes to our house, texts during the week to see how I'm getting on, gives me a pep talk when i'm finding things tough but most of all offers me the support I need to get to my goal weight. I'm now less than a stone away from my goal and without Mike I couldn't have done this.

Mike is part of everyday life now not just a Personal Trainer.........