Fitness Class Timetable & Class Descriptions

Clash is a class mash of classic PT For Health workouts. Each clash workout will combine the following sections, Lower, Upper, Combat, HITT, Aerobic & Stretch, the ultimate combination. Classes will be high energy and choreographed to your favourite hit music.

The original Insanity™ workout is now available in a live class. 50 minutes of digging deep, pushing to your limits and feeling incredible. A mixture of high intensity interval training using your body weight as resistance only.

Created by the very popular Kettlercise™ founders, Combat MX combines Kettlercise exercises with high energy and basic combat moves.

PiYo™ combines the stretching benefits of Yoga with the strengthening benefits of Pilates, all to non stop high energy music.

The original and most popular boxing based workout available in the UK. High energy intervals using gloves and pads provided. 

The #1 best exercise class using a Kettlebell, weights range from 2-8kg (provided), a complete non impact class that torches fat.

A 30 minute class focusing on the abs and core, using various crunches, sit ups and plank work to a series of popular songs.

Combining basic fitness movements to your favourite songs. No 'choreography' but all moves done in time with the music.

A combination of the popular Body Fit and Ab Fit classes on our timetable.

A high energy fusion of combat combinations and cardio moves. A 30 minute, low impact class using popular music mixes.

Dance Fit combines basic dance styles with basic fitness moves, no fiddly choreography - this is not your average dance class (Dance/Fitness)

A 30 minute class fully focused on the abdominal muscles, using a combination of cardio and core exercises.

Cardio Blast was 2 years in the making and is now available in a live class. 20 different cardio based drills using the 50:10 Blast format.

The triple threat workout, combining cardio, resistance and core. All in 45 minutes. Total Blast uses the 50:10 Blast format.

The worlds #1 HIIT workout. A 30 minute class of high intensity and high energy exercise. 

A 45 minute total body workout, using simple fitness equipment and body weight at a number of stations around the room.

Yoga is all about stretching your mind and body. Relax into a deep stretch and flow through different movements in this relaxing workout class.

The original Kettlercise workout, but in a handy 30 minute express format. Perfect for those short of time.

A mixture of our hugely popular body fit, ab fit and combat fit workout classes. 

A class completely dedicated to boxing with the pads and gloves. This high energy stress busting workout is perfect after a long days work. 

The original PiYo workout class, but in a convenient 30 minute time slot. Perfect for those short on time!