Gilly Truran - Corfu

I moved out to Corfu 5 years ago and at the time was the heaviest I have ever been. I wasn't at all active, I had high blood pressure and couldn't even see my toes, let alone touch them. I could not walk far, my joints ached and I lacked energy and felt tired due to trouble sleeping.

Living in another country meant I obviously could not exercise with Mike, but it didn't stop me taking advantage of his nutritional expertise and services.

I started off following a nutritional plan that Mike gave me, and would contact him when I had question or wanted a bit of support. Instantly I started to feel better, after just a few weeks I noticed my clothes felt looser and I had a bit more energy.



I started to take short walks and gradually built them up to longer distances. As time went by the weight started to drop off and I was having to buy new clothes in smaller sizes.

After following his nutrition plans and getting down from a size 18 to a size 10 I had this energy I'd never felt before. Mike wrote me short exercise programs for me to do on my own out here and I found I was gradually becoming more supple and fit. With Mike's encouragement I joined a local aerobics class and now train with them 3 times a week, which at the age of 60 is not bad!

I literally have a new lease of life. If it had not been for Mike's continual support and patience at the beginning I honestly think I would be even larger than I was before, and probably in much worse health. I've lost over 6 stone, I live a healthy lifestyle and I am no longer taking medication for blood pressure. I just wish he lived here so I could exercise with him too!