Rob Knight - Haywards Heath

30 lbs down in 3 months...……..

One thing I love to do more than most other things is eating and over the years I have put on weight and become unhappy with how I look, rather than do something about it though I in truth carried on to the point where at the end of 2012 I was at my heaviest.

For me I am very all or nothing so deciding to make the changes I needed to in my life was a big step and I knew I needed help to do it and I knew it would have to be 1:1 training.

I'd met and been trained by Mike previously when he was working at a local gym so when I found his website and realised he was now self employed I called him. After the initial consultation where we talked through my goals, eating habits and exercise history he put me on a detox where I lost 8Lbs in a week and then a healthy nutrition plan which has helped with my weight loss.

At the beginning our sessions were really tough as I was so unfit but now as hard as they are I really enjoy them, I see Mike three times a weeks and after 3 months I know I made the right decision to get Mikes help.

I'm now 1 stone away from my goal weigh but the work won't stop there, Mike is part of my weekly routine and will be for a long time to come.